Monday, March 18, 2013


                                                       A CARD A WEEK

THE TOWER-MAJOR ARCANA XVI pictorial representation illustrates the Tower of Babel ( in the Waite Tarot Deck). Hence, if you know how the story goes, produces catastrophic changes for those involved in its construction, for better or worse...depending on how you look at it.

We are a race of people are comforted by habitual patterns in our lives. Any minor/major addition/subtraction can throw a monkey wrench into aspects of daily life that we never dreamed immutable. Yet, As depicted in the images in the TOWER card, when lightning strikes a flash of recognition illuminates through darkness allowing light to be shed to alter our lives, hopefully for the better.

A good example of this card in a reading , for me, was when I read for a client, a woman of a certain age, who came in with doubts surrounding the whole "tarot thing". I began reading her cards and she was less than impressed. I got to the TOWER and explained that she was experiencing a tumultuous time in her life. She raised an eyebrow...I took that as a good sign to continue.Long story short ( and the aid of other cards to enhance the reading) I explained that she had a male in her life who she dotted on and she was in some way contributing factor to his drug habit. She nodded in acknowledgement as tears welled up in her eyes. The TOWER was significant in this reading because she was attempting to care for her son as she normally would before his heavy drug use. This caused her great pain and disappointment to my client. I explained that this card was about the chaos her son was experiencing in his life. Yet, more importantly, it signified how she must make drastic CHANGES in how she dealt with her son so, she was not aiding in his drug abuse and not being poisoned by his toxic world . As a mother, understandably, she was trying to exert her control through nurturing "cookie cutter " tactics which where lost on an individual who had morphed sadly into a mere shell of the child she had birthed. Cliche as it might be I described as a fitting a square peg into a circle. The changes I explained would be extremely hard but also extremely necessary for her health, the other adult children she loved and her relationship with her husband.

THE TOWER IN A READING = A twist or turn can occur suddenly, subtly and/or gradually. When "Lifes modifications" present ( varying in the level of intensity), a readjustment to prior daily living, as one knows it, will be made by oneself, other people, factors and circumstances, whether you like it or not, the change will happen. It is how you "integrate" the CHANGE in your life that will decide the outcome.

CHANGE is inevitable people.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Card a Week

Cups=Element Water / representative of one's emotional aspects in life

Success is not measured by societal rules...or I should say should NOT be measured by these limiting confounds. Such things in life are nice and make life easier, (and who wouldn't want a full bank account, a huge house , expensive car etc.) however, with all the items of grandeur life has to of...fer we, as a society, have become overindulgent consumers. We want and need more and more. We clomp around like show horses and postulate amongst friends,strangers,foe and family observing who has what more or less attributes than another. Pure distractions from what is really going on in our lives, in our own homes,in our neighborhoods and in our world.

The TEN of CUPS is a card that signifies emotional happiness, personal fulfillment and overall satisfaction in life. It is card (depending on the matter hand) that pictorially represents an area that is as close to perfection in the seekers life. By no means does the measurement of happiness always represent as dollars and cents, the manifestation of lavish objects and who has what and more. It is a card that that focuses the seeker on what really matters. The joys and riches in life you can find when things are great in your world or can be appreciated even in the worst situations. It is what we deem and value as the light in the dark or the comfortability it represents, deeming its importance.Your children, your pets, your small little house,your kindly old neighbor, church...just about anything that adds to improving your life,whether it is large or small.

So in a reading depending on other card around it you are either fortunate to have ( or discover) you are blessed with whatever you as the seeker HAS (or WILL HAVE) in your life. OR You are neglecting the blessing or are unaware of such fortune that you need to allow into your life.

Shelley- Pastiche Tarot
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pastice Tarot at the Ft. Tryon Medieval Festival

Patische Tarot readings at the Cloisters by me! Along side a wonderful woman and good friend who makes amazing Jewelry "Reds Crystal Creations" this SUNDAY 11-6 in Manhattan come by and enjoy the weather with us at the Renaissance Fair!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tarot Salon Thursday, July 22 at the LGBT Community Center in NYC

Time: 6 PM -9 PM

Location: LBGT Community Center, 208 West 13 Street, Manhattan
Accessible by the A, C, E, and L Trains

Affordable tarot readings by intuitive card reader Shelley Standish-Pociejowski starting at $5 and hand-made jewelry by local artists. RSVP via the Pastiche Tarot Facebook Page or via E-mail pastichetarot {at}